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RID is a ZEP professional agency that plans and designs digital spaces such as offices, seminars, conferences, and festivals.
RID consists of various space design and planning specialists, graphic designers, object custom designer, 3D designer, and many other specialists to provide services such as operation, planning, and marketing.


Planbag will be there for your plan with the best system and experts. With Planbag, you can enjoy the successful performance project with the customized ZEP show design and process.
​ Planbag is a professional brand experience agency. From online and offline total performance planning, Metabus performing, online exhibition design and online broadcasting to film making and editing, homepage creating etc.,
Planbag can services All-in-One system to our clients. Even for a hybrid performance, which is a broadcasting or offline performance synchronized with ZEP system, please go easy and simple with Planbag!


Brand communication strategies in the metaverse era must change.
Funnyworks works to increase the future value of the brand through new communication strategies needed by customers.


Reference HRD provides metaverse space construction, program development that can be operated within the metaverse, and metaverse construction consulting services.
Based on accumulated know-how and references from various companies, it creates the best results.


BLD.M is a meta-verse marketing company that connects real world and the virtual world.
Experts from various industries, including Kakao Entertainment, Maeil Economy, and architectural planners, gathered together for BLD.M
We are building meta-verse spaces optimized for Naver Zep and creating the best user experiences on the meta-verse world.


Metabuzz consists of careers in each field, such as planning, marketing, design, development, and games.
Through various experiences, we are continuously developing. We believes that successful advertising is the result of great teamwork.


Groovworks creates advanced value for customers, leads the AI era and Metaverse era with user centered philosophy.
Chatbot and voice assistant, representative services of AI technology, have been researched and developed to be implemented not only on the web, mobile, and kiosk, but also on Metaverse.
Groovworks is planning and building designs for online events and virtual offices on Metaverse.
It is possible to build a Metaverse map for various purposes based on the 2D dot map style and 2.5D isometric style.
We also offer a differentiated Metaverse experience through an interactive 3D avatar-type chatbot with Groovworks's AI technology.


WE DESIGN X Inc. is an UX Design Agency specializing in digital user experience design and consulting,
and provides a professional event management and digital space design in metaverse platform 'ZEP'.
We are running projects of many companies and institutions such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, SK Group, eBay Korea, KOTRA, and Seoul National University.

Creative Bots

Creative Bots is a Digital Media Application Lab specializing in VR AR MR and Metaverse.
We are a creative studio with the goal of Human Centered Design based on Digital Experience.
We are running projects by a number of clients, including Samsung Electronics,


META X PACE' refers to a virtual expansion space that transcends the real space 'SPACE'.
The first mover, developer, designer, and planner who will write a new story using the metaverse platform.
It is a project solution group composed of experts in various fields.


DevMate, a companion in the virtual world.
We create the best results based on our differentiated portfolio, development ability, and our own influencers.


Meta-sys is with creative thoughts and designs, It's about building a metabus world. It's a young and talented company.
Meta-sys is Veteran Designers and developers for users who want to make ZEP maps, a more sophisticated design.
More diverse functions. More stable service. I'll try to provide it. We're making a map for you.
The center of Metaverse! Meta-sys is. I'm going to the world. In the Metaverse space, I'll make it a reality.


TEAMMETA connects your real and virtual spaces in a reasonable way.
The space designer team will create the virtual space you need, such as your office, event venue, campus, and room. etc. T.META is with ZEP.


SAM.SOTTA. We provide excellent metaverse experience through ZEP map design that is well suited to any business needs of our customers.


Take a magnificent tour of the Metaverse event created by NHR Communications, the "No. 1 recruitment agency in Korea."
We provide not only Map designing, but also Event Planning and Operation Services.


IfNewWorld is a company that helps customers enter metabus successfully.
The experts with the best skills... Establish a metabus environment for corporate events, education, and marketing.
The companies that need the best service, such as Korea Water Resources Corporation, Shinhan Card, and Golden Goose, choose IfNewWorld.

The Meta Company

The Meta Company is the first metaverse design company in Korea to implement real space as a 3D map.
It is a metaverse specialized company that has experience in creating more than 300 metaverse maps and events.


PLAY4 group provides customized solutions and does marketing and management in the metaverse space.
PLAY4 enables the exchange of sympathy between corporate brands and consumers based on rich experience and know-how.
Play 4 responsible for everything in the metaverse.

Sunnut Studio

Sunnut builds a virtual world with emotional illustrations and designs.
We provide planning, map design, and operation support services.

Meta Universe

Metauniverse Co., Ltd. is a specialized company in metaverse construction, NFT development,
and responsive web page development including artificial intelligence recommendation system.

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